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B  I  B  L  I  O  T  H  E  C  A    A  U  G  U  S  T  A  N  A




Elizabeth Gaskell
1810 - 1865



Facsimile title page
of the first edition


M a r y   B a r t o n:
A   T a l e   o f
M a n c h e s t e r   L i f e.

'How knowest thou,' may the distressed Novel-wright exclaim, 'that I, here where I sit, am the Foolishest of existing mortals; that this my Long-ear of a fictitious Biography shall not find one and the other, into whose still longer ears it may be the means, under Providence, of instilling somewhat?' We answer, 'None knows, none can certainly know: therefore, write on, worthy Brother, even as thou canst, even as it is given thee.' - Carlyle. *)

In Two Volumes

Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand.


C o n t e n t s:


Chapter I.
A mysterious disappearance.

Chapter II.
A Manchester tea-party.

Chapter III.
John Barton's great trouble.

Chapter IV.
Old Alice's history.

Chapter V.
The mill on fire - Jem Wilson to the rescue.

Chapter VI.
Poverty and death.

Chapter VII.
Jem Wilson's repulse.

Chapter VIII.
Margaret's debut as a public singer.

Chapter IX.
Barton's London experiences.

Chapter X.
Return of the prodigal.

Chapter XI.
Mr. Carson's intentions revealed.

Chapter XII.
Old Alice's bairn.

Chapter XIII.
A traveller's tales.

Chapter XIV.
Jem's interview with poor Esther.

Chapter XV.
A violent meeting between the rivals.

Chapter XVI.
Meeting between masters and workmen.

Chapter XVII.
Barton's night errand.

Chapter XVIII.

Chapter XIX.
Jem Wilson arrested on suspicion.

Chapter XX.
Mary's dream - and the awakening.

Chapter XXI.
Esther's motive in seeking Mary.

Chapter XXII.
Mary's efforts to prove an alibi.

Chapter XXIII.
The sub-poena.

Chapter XXIV.
With the dying.

Chapter XXV.
Mrs. Wilson's determination.

Chapter XXVI.
The journey to Liverpool.

Chapter XXVII.
In the Liverpool docks.

Chapter XXVIII.

"John Cropper," ahoy!

Chapter XXIX.
A true bill against Jem.

Chapter XXX.
Job Legh's deception.

Chapter XXXI.
How Mary passed the night.

Chapter XXXII.
The trial and verdict - "Not guilty!"

Chapter XXXIII.
Requiescat in pace.

Chapter XXXIV.
The return home.

Chapter XXXV.
"Forgive us our trespasses."

Chapter XXXVI.
Jem's interview with Mr. Duncombe.

Chapter XXXVII.
Details connected with the murder.

Chapter XXXVIII.


Motto from Carlyle's essay "Biography", first published in Frazers Magazine, XXVII, 1832
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