Jerome's 405 a.d., Latin Vulgate

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These files were produced following modern scholarship of the
available Vulgate mss. The apocryphal books are prefixed with
an "x". For instance, First Maccabees is "x1ma.vul" contained
in "".
It should be noted Jerome translated Psalms from the Hebrew as
well as the Greek. Accordingly, there were 2 Psalms texts, and
these are called "ps-h.vul" and "ps-g.vul".
Jerome (c. 347-420) began his work in 382. In 386 he moved to
Bethlehem and worked on the Old Testament. He began on using
the Greek LXX, but quickly decided to work directly from the
Hebrew. In 405 the Old Testament, as well as the rest of the
New Testament was completed. Due to older Latin texts in
circulation, Jerome's work was not widely popular until the
ninth century. The influence of Jerome's Bible was quite
extensive. For instance, the first knowledge of the Bible in
the British Isles was from the Vulgate.
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