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Henry Morton Stanley
1841 - 1904



The Author

Henry Morton Stanley, original name John Rowlands, Congolese name Bula Matari (breaker of rocks), was born in 1841 at Denbigh, Wales. As an illegitime child he grew up in a workhouse. In 1859 he sailed as a cabin boy to New Orleans. There he adopted the name of a befriended merchant, and for some years he led a roving life. In 1867 he was sent to Africa as a special correspondent for the New York Herald. He became famous for his rescue of David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer, and for his discoveries in the Congo region. In 1904 he died in London.

The Work

How I Found Livingstone (1872)
Coomassie and Magdala: The Story of Two Campaigns in Africa (1874)
Through the Dark Continent (1878)
The Congo and the Founding of Its Free State (1885)
In Darkest Africa (1890)
My Early Travels and Adventures in America and Asia (1895)
The Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley (1909)


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