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N o t a   t e c h n i c a



     After increasing problems with the APAXNION font on Windows systems, I decided - nolens volens ( you remember my motto: Cave Gatem) - to start again my greek library from tabula rasa with Unicode.
     For the moment there are only a few greek unicode fonts available. My favorite is Hermann Zapf's wonderful Palatino Linotype which comes with Office 2000 and with the Windows XP system. So there should be no problems for Windows users to display the greek texts.
     Since I am still using MacOS 8.6, I don't have any experience with OS 9 and X, which should be Unicode-compatible. If not, it will be high time to send a kick to dear old Apple.
     Please give me response about the testfile, which is the Aqhnaiwn Politeia written in Athens about 430 by an unknown citizen.



     Ulrich Harsch